Studio Pandemic preparedness

Studio Pandemic preparedness

Family and Portrait Session Pandemic Preparedness...

I always take the ultimate precautions around Covid and the pandemic very serious for the health of you, your family and also my family. I am fully vaccinated (booster as well). At worse case, if anyone in my family is suspected to have Covid, I will offer to hold your session at a later date in order to keep everyone healthy. I request that you give me 24 hours notice or rescheduling your session if you are feeling unwell or are suspected of having Covid and we'll simply reschedule your session to be on a better date. Thank you!

A Letter to Wedding Couples going into 2022-2023...

Dearest Couple,

During this time of Covid and the pandemic, I want to make sure I'm doing everything possible to keep my Clients and my family healthy. While I'm fully vaccinated (booster as well), I do reserve the right to reschedule / postpone services if anyone in my family or yours is suspected of having Covid (a replacement of equal / same style is selected to be my replacement if it has affected my family). I will offer services to cover your package rate along with a stellar replacement wedding photographer at no cost to you. Keep in mind that this is only worse case scenario! Please understand that planning a wedding in a pandemic is never certain! If any of this concerns you or there's doubt about any uncertainties, it is always recommended to take out wedding insurance to protect your event investment and to prepare for unforeseen circumstances like a pandemic and / or poor weather. My backup precautions are in place by my studio to keep you and your dearest, healthy and safe. I choose to only work with fully ethical and talented photographers who sign my studio contract and work exclusively at the discretion of my studio. This is so each of my couples are financially protected and given beautiful work that is fully vetted by my studio. If anyone in your family is suspected of having Covid-19 or a variation within 10 days of having your wedding you MUST inform the studio.

We're all in this together,

Crystal Scott