Do You Travel for Weddings?

Yes! I love traveling for my couples and families. There's nothing more exciting than having your family or portrait session while at your next getaway. I've had the joy of traveling all over the greater U.S. for my wedding families and couples. I'm always passport ready. Feel free to inquire for more details.

Do you retouch photos?

Yes! Each gallery for my clients is edited beautifully to reflect my brand style. I leave no image untouched. Full makeup retouching, teeth whitening and more are considered a la cart editing services that may be added on to any package as a separate fee. However, I give session recommendations around hair / makeup and can even provide wonderful pro recommendations to have flawless skin, hair and makeup for your session, no airbrushing or enhanced retouching required!

What Does A La Carte Mean?

My wedding packages come with the offerings chosen to be included in each package. A la carte items are additional services / print products that are not included in that wedding package that may be added one by one. Additional services like: added session photography time, additional wedding hours, print products and additional retouching (editing) services may be added on at an a la carte rate in addition to any wedding package booked. Please note, I do not hand out a la carte services complimentary unless stated in your wedding contract at the time of booking.

Do You Photograph Families and Children?

Absolutely! I love meeting with my families on location to photograph your session that will highlight your family with a cohesive collection of beautiful images. I offer portrait sessions either on location or at my home studio. Reach out to connect and plan your upcoming session.

Can I back out of a wedding package?

Yes and no. Here's the short of it my dear couple. You are hiring me as your wedding photographer and by signing a contract that is binding you must adhere to your contract. If you did decide to back out for a necessary reason (illness, death in the family, unfortunate circumstances) that can be validated with my studio then you may be able to but all fees paid are non-refundable. Depending on the scenario, I have the business right to bill for the amount of time I worked for you as a professional in my industry and I always track my billable hours. If you collected digitals that total is added to your billable hours as well. If you break your contract (which you can do), you may have a final bill for services rendered which is sent to you. Any payments made will be deducted from this total and is credited back to your account. However, all fees paid are non-refundable. So, for these important reasons I always recommend understanding what you're signing (I'm happy to review it with you) and know that once we have entered into our contract for services, you must understand it is a binding contract and the balance owed if you break that contract may still be due. This covers my professional time taken to work on your wedding account, plan / photograph the engagement session and for the time their dates booked are unavailable to other couple who wish to work with my studio. This is all very clearly outlined in my wedding contract. I'm always very clear around my studio terms verbally and in writing. This is to be fair to each of my couples.

How many photos do we get?

My packages include the amount of digital images included in your chosen package (to keep) long after your portrait session / wedding day has come and gone. Please visit my 'investment' page to learn more and when your ready to connect, say hello!

How do we get our photos?

Your package will come with a private online gallery. Or, you may opt to have your gallery release in studio together. A la cart print products, greeting cards and more are offered to order right through your private online wedding gallery.

Do you carry lighting with you?

My style is simple. Instead of heavily modifying light, the light and airy photographer typically relies on finding the right scenes and shoots at the right time of day and in the right weather. This eliminates my need for bulky equipment. When in comes to reception and indoor shooting it relies on the same premise. However, your chosen lighting and DJ package can make an impact on that final result upon the reception. Ask me more in our complimentary consult.

When do you photograph your portrait sessions?

My photo sessions are always photographed in the afternoons or evenings (if on location) as close to golden hour as possible to allow for best lighting. This is as long as the venue permits.

Whats your turn around time?

You can expect to receive your images no later than 3-4 weeks from your session with a preview within your first week (Holidays pending).

How do we book you?

I'd love to connect and help with any questions or help you reserve with my studio. Simply say hello by filling out my contact form and I'll reach out to you with the next 24 hours.

Can you help us with planning our nuptials?

I get asked this just about all the time! After a decade of photographing weddings, I know my craft very well and being a wedding coordinator is not where my heart is. I absolutely love photographing the very most. In the spirit of providing navigation through the wedding photography process, I do offer two sample timelines (which are based on a standard 7 hour wedding day with first look and without). We can tailor your sample timeline to be for the amount of yours needed and you may choose to completely make it your own or modify. I always recommend hiring a wedding day-coordinator or planner for coordination and planning services as you're dedicating a lot of time and resources to have a day to remember. Upon request, I always come prepared with vendor recommendations for my couples.

How far out do you book?

My wedding couples typically book out 12-18 months in advance with some coming in 24 months in advance to secure their package and date. I always tell my couples it's never too early to plan ahead.

Families who take advantage of booking 4-6 months in advance will be able to secure their dates around the Holidays along with best pricing into the upcoming season. Say hello by filling out my contact form to learn more.

What should we do for an engagement session?

I offer an engagement session with each of my wedding packages as it gives us the chance to meet and greet plus have a gorgeous session at sunset together. I offer engagement attire and venue recommendations for couples who have an upcoming engagement session with my studio. My very best recommendation for all couples planning their engagement photos is keep with what feels like you. Dress up where you want to and remember to have fun together!

Do you offer Engagement Sessions?

Yes, my wedding package incorporate a fun date night engagement session for the two of you! This gives us the chance to meet-and-greet before your beautiful day. I LOVE designing stunning keepsakes for my couples having their engagement with my studio (who want to showcase something truly special for their wedding). Each engagement session is unique to each couple, this is why I help you find your session venue. It's a valuable, meaningful and fun session that I always tell my Clients is worth having. Say hello to learn session details and more.

What types of wedding sessions do you offer?

I love creating a curated gallery that you will love. Every couple is unique so no two wedding galleries may be the same. In the spirit of providing beautiful sessions to my couples, I offer an array of session options to add or substitute (in place of an engagement session). Options like; Try the Dress, Boudoir and Bridal (an editorial highlight the bride in her wedding gown) are offered. Connect with me to learn how we can make your wedding package truly special for you both.

Do you offer smaller packages or mini sessions?

Each year, I plan on up to 3 special sessions that always book out in advance. These sessions are my comprehensive minis that are always at a beautiful location and are simple and sweet. Spring (May), Autumn (October / November) and Winter (Early December) are when I hold these small sessions and they are always discounted. This is a great way to work together prior to booking with my studio the following year at a standard session rate. Connect with my studio to learn when the next upcoming session will be held, or follow me on Instagram as I'm always sharing upcoming dates to mark on your calendar for these special sessions.

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